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Resin Properties - A Quick Reference Guide

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At Pexco, our range of abilities is as diverse as the projects we are involved in. We thrive on complicated projects. With an array of different resins and numerous extrusion capabilities, your complicated project is a challenge we are ready to help solve. Our eight (and counting) facilities can extrude--profile, tube, crosshead, co and tri-extrusions.

We realize that sometimes picking the right material is one of the biggest challenges a project can have. With the capabilities to process over 500 different material and grade options, we are bound to have something that suits your needs. Look at some of the extrusion resins we work with:


This transparent thermoplastic is often extruded for lighting applications due to its lightweight nature and shatter resistance—making it a great alternative to glass. Available in a variety of formulations, ranging from custom blends for LED applications to impact-resistant specialty products, Acrylic provides great optical clarity for a range of lighting and other applications.


Available in a variety of (translucent) colors, this thermoplastic is not only great for heat and electricity resistance but for its ability to withstand high-impacts and tearing. It is heat resistant and can be made flame retardant, this strong monomer is very pliable and is available in FDA grades. Often used for lighting projects, polycarbonate is used in the creation of automotive elements, greenhouses, and digital disks.


The ever-popular PVC is widely known for its versatility and flexibility. Readily available and comparatively inexpensive, this hardy resin is perfect for a range of projects, including, but not limited to signs, healthcare, plumbing, fencing, decking, fluid and gas transfer, swimming pools, outdoor furniture, clothing and a host of other commercial and industrial applications.


Another big hit in the industrial sector, this widely popular material is used in the plastic containers you use to store away seasonal items and in the bags you use to carry your groceries. Extruded across a variety of markets, and even used in our PVT® Chain Link Fence Slats, this polymer can be used for Water Filtration, Packaging, Traffic Safety, Pumps, and more.


This structurally strong extrusion option is great for chemical resistance, high and low-temperature performance, and electrical insulation. Used for musical instruments and packaging as well as automotive components and whitewater canoes, this resin is easily colored, machined, sanded, glued, and painted. If your project calls for a prototype, this is a great option to consider.


Produced in our facilities in Plaistow, NH, Polysulfone tubes and profiles offer a range of superior properties. Tough and rigid it is a high-strength thermoplastic suitable for continuous use up to 300°F (149°C), it is resistant to oxidation and hydrolysis and can withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures and repeated sterilization. It is also approved for contact with food and potable water.

Together, the Pexco family of companies processes over 500 different resin materials/grades and can help you find the right fit for your next project. We consistently work with a variety of materials and a multitude of extrusion shapes. Our capabilities to aid in your design make us the top choice for your custom extrusion project. As the largest custom profile extruder in North America, we are committed to being easy to work with, flexible and attentive to the individual needs of our customers.

With a manufacturing footprint that stretches across the United States and Mexico and a strong team of engineering and production specialists, we are able to provide consultation, design, and production solutions for all your end-use challenges. Whether you need a filtration part, a design that calls for multiple materials, or you have a project that requires extreme chemical resistance--our experts are standing by to aid in your design.

Highly complex projects that require short runs are our specialty. So, if you are not sure where to turn – turn to us.

We hope this guide gives you a feel for some of the materials we offer. If you would like to view the range of extrusions we work with, take a tour of our work in the custom extrusion segment. And if you are ready to go deeper, our custom extrusion expert, David Anderson, is ready to talk with you about your project needs.

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