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Support Products

Pexco offers a variety of adhesives, primers, epoxies and bolts to successfully install many of our products, along with many bases that support our posts.

DAPCO Adhesive 795A

A one-part, fast cure adhesive for bonding concrete barrier markers, guardrail reflectors and other delineation products. 795A requires no mixing, is effective over a broad temperature range, has excellent weathering properties and offers “primer-less” adhesion to concrete, asphalt and steel. (10 ounce standard, 20 ounce tubes available by special order). Used with a standard caulking gun.  

Click here to download our Adhesive 795 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) >

Road Marker Epoxy

Our rapid setting two-part gray road marker epoxy is the most reliable permanent adhesion product available. Typical applications include City Post anchor cups, DP 200 and FG 300 channelizer posts, permanent installation of rumble strips and curb sections.

Click here to download the Manufacturer's Road Marker Epoxy Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) >

Hi-Tack Butyl Adhesive - "Peel 'N Stick"

Butyl adhesives offer quick and reliable adhesion for temporary installation of traffic control products. Available in 8” x 8” pads and 45' x 4” rolls. Suitable for bonding many of our delineation and marking products. The standard color is black, but gray is available by special order.

SuperBundy ™ Adhesive - "Heat 'N Stick"

SuperBundy ™ Adhesive is perfect for permanently adhering larger objects like channelizer posts or curb sections. This non-toxic, zero-VOC adhesive is designed for use in areas that are subject to high-stress impacts. SuperBundy ™ Adhesive has resilient characteristics which enable it to remain flexible throughout its lifetime and act as a shock absorber, resulting in superior adhesive performance. (Requires two pads per post for proper install.)

City Post SM Surface Mount Anchors

Removable anchor bolt assembly for the City Post SM Surface Mount features reusable bolt-type expansion anchors.  Install bolt-type anchors in holes drilled with carbide tipped drill bits; see installation instructions for details.

FG 300 Anchor Bolts

Removable and reusable one-piece anchor bolts for FG 300 bases and curb sections have a finished hex head, an integral washer, dual-lead threads and a chamfered tip.  One-piece bolts eliminate the need to keep track of and assemble separate pieces of traditional molly bolts before installation. Dual-lead threads prevent the bolts from spinning in the holes when tightened. (Note:  FG 300 anchor bolts are not suitable for installation of the City Post SM.)

Pavement Primer - For Use with Butyl Pads

We carry an exceptionally strong contact type adhesive primer that features fast adhesive strength build-up to assist difficult marker or delineator installations. The primer requires only one minute of drying time before placement of the marker or delineator. 

CAD Details

Download Pexco's high quality CAD drawings, specifications and related documents for your next project. The CADdetails program is developed specifically for design professionals with the goal of getting manufacturer-specific product information into their working plans.  Learn More >


Adhesive Application Chart

Please use our Adhesive Application Chart when installing our products.  Learn More >

Comprehensive City Post Product Brochure

New - All three City Post models (Glue Down, Surface Mount, and Embedded Anchor Cup) – with new features – now in one brochure! 

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