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Traffic Safety and Control Products

Pexco Davidson Traffic Control Products is an innovative plastics manufacturer of traffic safety products and solutions.​

Our long history of creating solutions to help make our roadways safer is just one facet of Pexco’s ongoing commitment to leadership in the markets we serve. All of our Traffic Safety products are proudly MADE IN THE USA!

Our Traffic Safety Solutions & Products

With multiple production and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. and abroad, we are able to serve our customers locally while reducing costs with high-quality products and solutions.

Channelizer Posts and Flexible Bollards

Durable and highly visible solutions for helping direct traffic flow and enhancing safety

Curb Systems & Lane Separators

Designed for use in areas where pavement markings are not enough to provide safe channelization

Roadside Delineation

Impact-resistant, flexible plastic posts provide drivers with reliable markers for defining road edges and enhancing nighttime visibility

Barricade Products

Sturdy and versatile barricades for managing traffic and pedestrian flow in urban work zones, highway construction, and public events

Pavement Markers

High-quality raised pavement markers, rumble strips and curb reflectors for clear and lasting road surface indications

Barrier Reflectors

Impact-resistant reflectors for concrete “Jersey” barriers and other barrier systems in use today, designed to enhance the visibility of barriers in low-light conditions

Guardrail Reflectors

Hinged and non-hinged guardrail reflectors to provide durable and effective delineation for a variety of steel guardrail systems

Snow Poles & Snow Posts

Highly fluorescent and reflective traffic snow poles and posts to help plow operators avoid hazards and reduce damage to vehicles and fixed objects


Mechanical fasteners and anchor bolts designed to securely install a wide variety of bases that are part of our channelizer post and lane separator curb systems

Pedestrian Safety Products

Durable, low-cost safety solutions designed to protect pedestrians in high-traffic areas


Variety of road marker adhesives and primers to securely install products

Traffic Product State Transportation Agency Approvals

Select your state to view transportation agency approved Pexco products

Extrusion Expertise

Full range of custom extrusions and value-added services


Quick turnaround to deliver the solutions your business needs


Multiple points of manufacture and the capacity to grow with you

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